Is There a Limit on Physical Therapy with Medicare?

Physical therapy is the treatment of different medical issues using physical methods. These physical methods may include different procedures like massages, physiotherapy, and heat treatments. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy to you for many reasons. If surgery is not a feasible option, the best way forward for you will be physical therapy. However, it is not cheap. The average range of one session of physical therapy costs between $20-55. Hence, many people prefer to let their medical insurances cover the fees of their physical therapy sessions. However, there is a prevalent confusion in this regard. Many people do not know how much their Medicare will cover for their physical therapy. If you have any such trouble with the billings of physical therapy billing companies, you are in the right place. We will tell you everything there is to know about material therapy costs and Medicare.

Medicare and physical therapy

In typical situations, Medicare can help you in paying any medical service you render. It can also help you pay for the physical therapy according to the recommendations of your doctor. The part B of Medicare covers the costs of physical therapy. However, there are some essential concerns here that may alter your Medicare benefits. One of the most important considerations here is the place where you get physical therapy. If you get the physical therapy from your doctor’s office, Medicare will pay 80% of the costs.

Limit of Medicare

In the past, Medicare put an annual limitation on the number of therapy services that you can avail within a period of a year. There were various reasons for this decision. The total therapy which you can receive also includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology. But in 2018, these limitations on physical therapy were removed by Congress which means that there is no more limitation to the number of services that you can get. The only prerequisite is that your medical expert will need to give extra information within the medical records if the charges of your therapy have reached a specific amount. If your physical therapy and speech-language pathology service charges reach the amount of $2,010 or your occupation therapy service charges reach the amount of $2,010. If the costs reach this limit, your medical expert will need to justify the reason as to why the allegations are this much.
Moreover, if you go forward with receiving physical therapy beyond, and it reaches the amount of $3000, Medicare will review your case. You also have to bear in mind that your medical expert needs to provide sufficient and necessary information regarding your therapy to Medicare to prove that further treatment is required. In case that the Medicare deems the information insufficient, they may not cover any additional charges.


Now that you have all the necessary information regarding physical therapy in medical care and its limitations, you can make an informed decision regarding which choices to make.

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