How Often Should You Post On Instagram?

How often should I post a video or photo on my Instagram account? This is the all-important question that influencers and business account holders ask themselves. It is an essential question as it may have an impact on how fast you organically grow your account and be a market leader in your industry. This article helps to demystify the issue of frequency and hopefully beat the Instagram algorithm that has baffled many over the years.

The Instagram Algorithm

It is only by Instagram growth can you critique your rise on the platform. However, the algorithm is considered a worthy opponent for many users. You may find a two-day post on your feed and comments/likes on the content you liked ages ago. If we were to postulate such a trend, it could only mean that your posts are appearing on your audience’s feeds days after you have posted them.

Considering the effects of the algorithm, it calls for a more critical approach when it comes to posting frequency. Should you post more on Instagram? There are brands and Instagram users who post more than 10 times a day. Or should you post less considering the delayed pop-up on your followers’ feeds?

All those questions and more have been answered below.

The key is consistency

Every business and Instagram account holder is unique. They have different goals that they want to achieve using their account. Those goals (an assumption) must take into consideration the type and expectations of your audience. Another element to take note of is the intricacies of the market. Is it a highly volatile one like the fashion industry, where trends change rapidly? Or is it more slow and traditional like the real estate market?

Do you have an Instagram marketing strategy? This is where one would come in handy. With your strategy set, you can determine when to post and the frequency of posting.

You must also remember that Instagram is highly visual. Whatever the type of audience, they are looking for aesthetically pleasing content; hence the popular adage “Quality over quantity”. You should always seek to maintain and if possible, improve the quality of your content. Don’t post just on a whim. Let it be a planned and intentional effort.

Special times

Even though you have built some rapport with your audience, there are special events that may require you to break your routine. It may a national or international holiday. On such days, people have more time to relax. And where do they go to break the monotony of life? You guessed it, social media. Posting on such a day can give you access to potential customers.

If you have a special promotion, you will want to increase your posting frequency. You may have a new product or service that you are launching. You will need the extra posts to build up the hype as the D-day approaches.

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