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How Much Is Your Healthcare Business Losing from No Show Appointments

As much as the medical practice is hinged on offering professional medical advice and care to the public, it is still a business. It relies on appointments by patients to pay staff. And like any other business, you are bound to have a few no-show patients every week. It can be quite frustrating but it is the nature of the healthcare service.

Question is, have you ever thought of the cost of no-show appointments? In this article, we unpack the question and also give you the benefits of an automated appointment confirmation system.

The calculations

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Can Physical Therapy hurt you more?

There are a lot of instances when your body can start to fatigue and start to feel mild and sometimes much serious, pains. This usually occurs due to a lot of different reasons. Sometimes this might occur when the mind and body both are completely burned and worn out. This burnout occurs probably because of the fact that the body and mind do not get the minimum amount of rest that is required and remain constantly engaged and alert whether it be because of work, bad health, or even anxiety in some cases. The reason for exhaustion obviously varies from one person to another, but the fact remains as it is that the body does get worn out and unless it gets rested frequently, body pains and muscle tensions will definitely increase day by day. If this is not treated in time or is not paid enough attention to, the issue might become more grave, serious, and long-lasting, which is not beneficial for you or your body.

Frequent leg, neck, and back pains are very common amongst the young generation of today. This is not because of the age or any sort of deficiencies in the body. Rather, this occurs primarily because of two things. Firstly, in the case of teenagers, this might be a result of hours and hours of gaming. Secondly, in the case of the adults, this might be because of the fact that they, too, spend hours and hours working with their desktops and laptops. Either way, both scenarios lead to one common problem and that is bad posture. We often are aware of the poor posture of our body but choose to ignore it. However, constantly sitting in the same poor position for hours and hours can really impact your body adversely.

What should you do?

It is advised that as soon as neck, leg or back pain occurs, a visit to the doctor or the local physician is a must. Upon consultation, you will get to know whether simple painkillers are enough or whether this can be cured through a change in routine and exercise. In more serious scenarios the doctors could also recommend paying a physical therapist a visit. Physical therapy is a very good way to relieve your body of any sort of pain, aches, or stress that it might be experiencing. In all the scenarios, physical therapy is recommended since it is a form of recovery and allows your body to restart and start functioning properly again. For people who are in places like New Jersey, it is a great opportunity to avail of the services of Physical Therapy in New Jersey since the Physical Therapists there are known to be world-class.

Can Physical Therapy hurt?

Like any sort of exercise, physical therapy can also put your body under some stress particularly in the initial stages of the activity. This leads to occasional body soreness. However, this body and muscle soreness is not bad for your body. In fact, it is a good sign that your body is responding to the therapy that is being done to your body. Apart from this, physical therapy cannot really harm you or hurt your body.

What is HIPAA compliance?

HIPAA is an acronym that basically stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability. This is basically a feature that sets a brand apart from the rest in the sense that this compliance provides data protection. HIPAA compliance is especially important for all those companies that deal directly or indirectly with protected health information of different clients. Providertech is one of the examples of a company that is using HIPAA compliance and is working smoothly under the protocols and guidelines. These companies must have a couple of things intact in order for HIPAA compliance to really work. Firstly, these companies must have a physical measure, network measures as well as proper process security measures in place.

In HIPAA compliance, all the parties involved in the process ranging from the doctor who is providing treatment, the patient who is receiving treatment, and other options in healthcare must all be HIPAA compliant. In many cases, business associates who have access to sensitive information must also meet the HIPAA compliance. Other entities like subcontractors or the ones who are working on related projects must also fall in the same category.

Need for HIPAA compliance

Many times, all the health care providers and the customers are moving online with the operations so the need to be HIPAA compliant has become more crucial than ever. The evolution of technology has disrupted traditional models of treatment as people are now receiving treatment online. Online therapy is one such example. Firms that are offering online therapy must be HIPAA compliant in order to make sure that all the information that is fed in the computer with regards to the patient, as well as the therapist (or any other medical caretaker), must be in safe hands. The security rule for HIPAA remains in place for protecting the privacy of all the individuals involved in the process. This is a good way to allow people to make use of modern technology and enjoy convenience with respect to getting treated in the comfort of their homes, without having the fear of any data or information leakage.

The security rule is very flexible. This is so much so that it ultimately allows any covered entity to implement any of its formulated policies and incorporate modern technology in accordance with the organization’s own size, technologies available, the risks to patients as well as the overall organizational structure of the company.

In simpler terms, it can be said that if someone is aiming to launch an online medical service particularly, he or she must ensure that the application, website, platform or application must lie within the security rules and must be HIPAA compliant. Otherwise, the person should not expect any traffic for a particular venture. Indeed, people are very sensitive when it comes to their privacy, and therefore like a doctor-patient pact or doctor-patient privilege, HIPAA compliance is something that follows a similar framework. So, this is a crucial part of any organization that deals with medical or health-related sensitive patient’s information. Hence, HIPAA compliance cannot be ignored and it has rightly become the need of the hour to ensure that everything remains safe and sound.

Is There a Limit on Physical Therapy with Medicare?

Physical therapy is the treatment of different medical issues using physical methods. These physical methods may include different procedures like massages, physiotherapy, and heat treatments. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy to you for many reasons. If surgery is not a feasible option, the best way forward for you will be physical therapy. However, it is not cheap. The average range of one session of physical therapy costs between $20-55. Hence, many people prefer to let their medical insurances cover the fees of their physical therapy sessions. However, there is a prevalent confusion in this regard. Many people do not know how much their Medicare will cover for their physical therapy. If you have any such trouble with the billings of physical therapy billing companies, you are in the right place. We will tell you everything there is to know about material therapy costs and Medicare.

Medicare and physical therapy

In typical situations, Medicare can help you in paying any medical service you render. It can also help you pay for the physical therapy according to the recommendations of your doctor. The part B of Medicare covers the costs of physical therapy. However, there are some essential concerns here that may alter your Medicare benefits. One of the most important considerations here is the place where you get physical therapy. If you get the physical therapy from your doctor’s office, Medicare will pay 80% of the costs.

Limit of Medicare

In the past, Medicare put an annual limitation on the number of therapy services that you can avail within a period of a year. There were various reasons for this decision. The total therapy which you can receive also includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology. But in 2018, these limitations on physical therapy were removed by Congress which means that there is no more limitation to the number of services that you can get. The only prerequisite is that your medical expert will need to give extra information within the medical records if the charges of your therapy have reached a specific amount. If your physical therapy and speech-language pathology service charges reach the amount of $2,010 or your occupation therapy service charges reach the amount of $2,010. If the costs reach this limit, your medical expert will need to justify the reason as to why the allegations are this much.
Moreover, if you go forward with receiving physical therapy beyond, and it reaches the amount of $3000, Medicare will review your case. You also have to bear in mind that your medical expert needs to provide sufficient and necessary information regarding your therapy to Medicare to prove that further treatment is required. In case that the Medicare deems the information insufficient, they may not cover any additional charges.


Now that you have all the necessary information regarding physical therapy in medical care and its limitations, you can make an informed decision regarding which choices to make.

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