How to Put Your Music on Spotify and Get Streamed

Spotify is an excellent way for upcoming artists to get discovered. Still, as a new artist in a constantly changing market, it is crucial to promote your music. To enable your music to reach a larger target audience, it may be useful to have a strategized blog so you need to identify the factors that show your blog needs a better strategy.

When you create your Spotify for Artists account, it will automatically be verified, which adds to your authenticity. After you start uploading music on it, you will be notified whenever someone includes your music on different playlists. The data analysis feature can be utilized to keep track of your most streamed songs, which songs appeal to which audiences, and any ongoing trends. Decisions for future music developments can be based on this.

How to get streams on Spotify?


One of the easiest and most effective ways to broadcast your discography to more listeners is by making playlists. It allows you to compile your best tracks together. The playlist should not have too many personal tracks; on the contrary, it should be a good mix of both your songs and songs of any other artists that you like. Add tracks to these often as your followers get notified each time you do. Collaborative playlists are unique and useful ways to extend your musical reach. Collaborating with another artist on a playlist brings your music to those outside your fanbase, which means more fans, streams & listeners.

Spotify Ad Studio

Spotify Ad Studio is an advertising platform that enables users to create and manage Spotify audio advertising projects without much hassle. It lets you make an audio ad of no longer than 30 seconds which Spotify users hear during commercial breaks. If they enjoy the song and want to listen to all of it, the image in the ad has an URL link leading to the whole song.

Social Media

Perhaps the most important factor of all is social media. This includes not only your personal social media accounts but also different bloggers & playlisters. Your accounts maintain your connection with fans. Promoting your tracks on these accounts will drive more people to your Spotify profile; the more followers you have, the more playlists your songs will feature on. The best way to charm new listeners is to regularly update your profile with exclusive content, such as covers, as fans of the artist you’re covering may check the cover out. Contacting bloggers and playlisters again will take your music to untapped audiences. A blog of your own will not only regularly update fans and keep them engaged but bring in new ones. Playlisters will be key as they address a niche and have the potential to get your music to future fans. It is difficult to get on playlists made by Spotify but you can check which other playlists bring emerging artists the most streams and ask to have your music put on them.

To cut it short, the path from emerging to well-known artists requires work and a lot of self-promotion. Contacting people who can review or further your work will send more listeners your way. Alongside this, a solid social media presence will engage more fans.

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