5 Surprising Facts About Cheating

Cheating in a relationship, or as elites like calling it, infidelity, is a controversial topic nowadays. There are people who support this act just as there are those who are against it. After all, different people have different definitions of infidelity. However, adultery has grown to become a less sensitive topic over the past decade. People are getting used to this behavior which has become increasingly common. Why do people commit adultery? Well, let’s look at the following surprising facts about cheating.

1. There is a Risk of Having a Heart Attack While Cheating

Normal sex with your rightful spouse is known to be beneficial to your body systems especially the cardiovascular system. However, if a heart attack has to occur during sex, then there is a higher chance that it will occur in sex during cheating than making love with your spouse. What causes this? Recent studies have shown that cheating makes you nervous and gives you a sense of guilt and stress. This eventually leads to the release of hormones which negatively affect your heart functions. How shocking!

2. Physical Traits are Linked to Cheating

Studies have shown that there are some body features in men that are related to cheating. One of these features is having large testicles. Men with testicles larger than normal have a higher chance of cheating. This is because testicles produce the hormone testosterone. This hormone has many functions one of which is stimulation of sexual desire. Large testicles will mean high levels of testosterone in blood hence high sexual desire. Such men tend to have sex frequently regardless of who they are having it with.

3. There is no Impact of Technology in Infidelity Prevalence

Statistics indicate that the prevalence of cheating currently equals the prevalence two decades ago. This is extremely shocking considering technological advancement over the past two decades. Despite the creation of websites such as Ashley Madison and Hi5 which facilitate infidelity, nothing has changed over the past twenty years. The technological improvements have only made it easy to cheat but have no impact on the prevalence something many people still don’t know about. Interesting, isn’t it?

4. Adulterers Hardly Use Protection

Recent studies have revealed that most of the people who cheat in relationships don’t use protective contraceptives such as condoms during sex. This is the reason why infidelity has been linked to increased prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases and infections. This high-risk behavior has also been associated with an increase in the number of cases of unwanted pregnancies and children being born out of wedlock.

5. There is a Link Between Cheating and Faking of Orgasms

Although normal orgasms during intercourse haven’t been linked to changes in the frequency of cheating, faking orgasms has. There is documented evidence that the frequency of faking organisms is directly proportional to the likelihood of cheating. Women tend to fake orgasms since a woman has been scientifically programmed to have a high threshold for orgasm contrary to men. Women who often fake orgasms are more likely to cheat on their spouses than those who don’t.

In a Nutshell
The discussion above has revealed facts about infidelity that most people aren’t aware of. Some of these facts can help you discover a cheating partner. If you suspect your partner to be cheating it’s advisable to hire a private detective in your specific locale. If for instance, you are in Australia, a private investigator Sydney might come in handy to help unravel your partner’s secrets All in all; you need to know more about infidelity if you want to eradicate such behaviors in the society.

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